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Your community can often tell your story better than you can!

When you are early into community building it takes time. It takes time to make connections. It takes time to build a community that's thriving and can take off and grow on its own. Ensuring you take that time to give care and space to the community to truly grow authentically and to nurture it is super important. 

Our final episode of Community Stories is live. Kim Johnson needs no introduction. Previously lead the community at Glossier and now Head of Community at Geneva. She talks about her time at Glossier building community ambassadors program and initiatives which created experiences to celebrate people in the community. She talks about challenges a community leader can face and how you can balance scale and growth with true community. Find the timestamps here.

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Go to to find out about the latest tools and all new jobs that we added this week from companies like Initialized Capital, Makerpad, Mixpanel, etc. Check out the jobs.

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